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Fabio Zendhi Nagao

is an applied mathematician from IME - USP - Brazil currently working as CTO at Lojcomm Internet, a company specialized in e-commerce. + info

fields of interest: E-commerce, Collective Intelligence, Interoperability, Web 2.0, Web Design, Mathematical Programming, Pattern Recognition.

contacts: Twitter and nagaozen @hotmail.com, @gmail.com and @yahoo.com

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Category : Design

May 10th

Geek Hero Comic at iGoogle

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GeekHeroComic in iGoogle

Today's geekherocomic.com strip came with an interesting news. It's Salvatore Iovene birthday! And the post was about the book his fiancée built with the last entire year strips archive. I really like this guy work, it's a funny part of my day and to celebrate this special occasion I created a gadget to all GeekHeroComic readers to monitor the latest strip directly from iGoogle homepage.

You can add it using: "Add to Google"

Happy birthday @siovene! Keep doing this amazing work!

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Jan 18th

Logomark and Icons for AXE

Filed Under: AXE, Design, Framework, Standards

Almost a year has been passed from the first release of AXE and from that to today the project still haven’t it’s own logomark or icons to be used as faveicon. But today, I spent my morning trying to solve this issue. Look, I’m no professional designer, but did my best in this task and liked the result. For the icons I tried to make it compatible with the Tango Icon Guidelines to guarantee a good contrast for both dark and bright backgrounds. I would love to know what you all like or dislike about it. Here’s the final art:

ASP Xtreme Evolution logo

Well, about the new version of AXE, I’m a bit busy working on another project and have no time to polish it. But the enhancements are huge and I hope to have a new version in the next 1 or 2 months.

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Jan 21st

Standards section is up!

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Very often you need a consistent and coherent pattern to take the best of a technology can provide with the maximum productivity, yet you must respect the history involved around this technology to make it compliant with the legacy environment turning your application accessible and easy of adaptation.

This is when things like color palettes, code snippets and good pratices like name conventions becomes handy. I’ll be adding some useful, at least for me, things here to share to anyone interested. Currently you can find there just two color palettes and some snippets. But i’ll be adding more things as soon as I can.

Click here to visit the section.

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