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Fabio Zendhi Nagao

is an applied mathematician from IME - USP - Brazil currently working as CTO at Lojcomm Internet, a company specialized in e-commerce. + info

fields of interest: E-commerce, Collective Intelligence, Interoperability, Web 2.0, Web Design, Mathematical Programming, Pattern Recognition.

contacts: Twitter and nagaozen @hotmail.com, @gmail.com and @yahoo.com

out of date goodies

In order to help the large amount of people looking for my old widgets everyday, I'm putting below a list of the most wanted. Note that the others are still accessible at http://zendold.lojcomm.com.br/.

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If you like my free products and want to support their advancement, please consider making a small (or large!) donation or buying me a book from my Amazon wishlish.

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Jan 3rd

Lack of updates apologize

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I've received emails asking me about the rest of my ASP articles and the only thing I can say for now is: "They will arrive...". Sorry I couldn't put a deadline for them 'cause while I know exactly what I want to write, it costs me a lot of time to search for the references I want to cite and currently time is not an available asset. I'm working hard on some Collective Intelligence based algorithms and documents and I must finish it until 2010.02.12, so the blog updates will be minimal. But don't worry, the articles are in the 2010 TODO queue for sure XD

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May 29nd

Projects are now on GitHub

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github/nagaozen screenshot

Better late than never! From now on, all my recent open-source contributions will be available at my github.com account. The current projects are:

  • ASP Xtreme Evolution (my ASP framework)
  • Exuberant-ctags (updates to make it's ASP parsing better)
  • Gedit-* (a lot of good things for gedit)
  • GTKSourceView-2.0 (updates to add/enhance language.specs)
  • jquery-vs-mootools (this one is an interesting article I translated)

Although this blog isn't being informative and updated as I think it should be, I'm currently very active and developing a lot of things but not writing much about it. Watching my git account will help you to keep the track of the latest updates in my software development. Enjoy!

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May 10th

Geek Hero Comic at iGoogle

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GeekHeroComic in iGoogle

Today's geekherocomic.com strip came with an interesting news. It's Salvatore Iovene birthday! And the post was about the book his fiancée built with the last entire year strips archive. I really like this guy work, it's a funny part of my day and to celebrate this special occasion I created a gadget to all GeekHeroComic readers to monitor the latest strip directly from iGoogle homepage.

You can add it using: "Add to Google"

Happy birthday @siovene! Keep doing this amazing work!

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Jan 9th

Hello World

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This site will be running at http://zend.lojcomm.com.br/ starting today! You can still find the old version and it’s contents ( iMask, iFisheye, iCarousel, fValidator and other things ) at http://zendold.lojcomm.com.br/. But stay tuned I’ll be releasing new much more strict, unobtrusive versions very soon. Below you can see this site philosophy which will be always visible at about from this day on.

Zendlab is a non profit initiative to provide open source MIT and LGPL licensed content. It’s a public retribution from the author to all the open source community which helped and influenced a lot his growth and knowledge. Here you can find some of his solutions for common problems like software architecture patterns, eyecandy widgets, utility classes and so on. Everything here is built with standards in mind what mean that all codes involved in the projects should fully validate in their respective rules. Also, things here try to not just work but to enchant your users too. I invite everyone interested to use and share this site material and learn from it. Have fun :D

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