After thirteen years of web development, in which the last five I spent almost entirely developing with the .NET platform, I finally saw in Classic ASP the most versatile environment for web development. The main reason for this versatility is, surprisingly, the fact that it is interpreted. It might sound like a joke, mainly because of the whole buzz around the code-behind and the advantages of the compiled code's performance. But, in my opinion, this attribute, summed to multiple languages support, is what guarantees to ASP a distinguish position among the environments for advanced programmers.

Aiming to share my experience and point of view to the whole community, I've decided to create a series of articles, where I'll address key topics that will lead to a greater understanding of the strength hidden in ASP. I've ordered them so that easier topics are discussed first before moving on to the harder ones. Here they are:

  1. ASP, a misinterpreted technology
  2. Event-Driven-Programming and lambda function in ASP/VBScript.
  3. TDD (Test Driven Development) in ASP/VBScript.
  4. Languages: Based on Objects and Object Oriented.
  5. Object Oriented in ASP/VBScript "Hackers way".
  6. "Scripting Components", the ace in the role.
  7. Caching: the concept of DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) applied to ASP.

In all subsequent articles, I'll indicate the current stage in bold. I don't intend to stop contributing after the end of the seven subjects. I'll probably attack more problems and more specific topics that illustrate the advantage of using ASP. Well, one step at a time...