After some months working, finding and fixing bugs in the earlier version of ASP Xtreme Evolution, I’m proud to release the version This is a very stable version. It comes with snippets to increase the productiveness and has some minor changes to help you to organize the code. I suggest those using the v. to upgrade as soon as possible. If you can’t upgrade, check the CHANGES in the Read More to fix your old version against the critical issues.


You can download both from the zip file at the framework page or checkout the svn trunk:

Changes from to


  • Fixed last slash bug for complete URL Rewrite (/Controller/action/args/).
  • Fixed no special chars bug (no ‘%’) in urlDecode.
  • A misspell in Imager Class.
  • Fixed the evil “operation timed out” error creating another Application pool for the view folder. More info at;en-us;Q316451
  • To fix the “80020009” error change AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed parameter in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\MetaBase.xml from 200000 to something between [0, 1073741824] bytes and iisreset.
  • Fixed Memory Leak in the Server View Requests.


  • Changed Controllers Standard Structure to create scopes per action.
  • Created a new Welcome page (changes in the defaultView and defaultModel).
  • Removed all NON-ASCII characters and changed the standard encode from
  • UTF-8 to ASCII.


  • Model, View and Controller Templates.
  • My standard favicon in the Framework pages.