ASP Xtreme Evolution

ASP Xtreme Evolution

This is a Classic ASP MVC URL-Friendly Framework based in some of the current best pratices like:

It also provides support for missing features that is commonly required:

  • Image manipulation
  • JSON support
  • Upload management
  • Zip management

This project born from the necessity of bringing some up-to-date best practices to the Classic ASP World. Things like a good MVC architecture, with XML interacting with your database providing a standard way to your system talk to other systems and XSLT building your views are minimal requirements for any good application. But you should be asking yourself: “Why Classic ASP? It’s old, the .NET Framework is at 3.5!” and I’m ready to answer: “And why not?”. The truth is that Active Server Pages has it’s time in the Internet history and for a large period it was widely used. As any relevant programming language, it left a big amount of complex applications running in a so perfectly nice way that they are not going to be replaced very soon. Just for example: Here, in Brazil, the Visanet online transaction process still relies in Classic ASP and COM+ extensions. The same happen with some big banks.

Why VBScript and not JScript? First of all, in it’s time, VBScript was the “standard” language of ASP. Many developers took their time reading articles and making experiments with VBScript, not JScript so I belive it’s a good idea to respect the time people spent to their VBScript skills and make a good thing for them. Second, VBScript isn’t a bad language. It’s a language after all, like any real world language: English, Japanese, Portuguese. Saying that a programming language is better than other seems so lame to me as saying that French is better than English or Japanese is better than Portuguese. It has some annoying things like being case-insensitive and a very rustic class model, but nothing that we can’t bypass and make some poems and musics. This is the case of the framework support for features that was not too mature in the time of ASP conception but are very often used nowadays. Things like managing zip files, manipulating images, using JSON to communicate with the client-side engine in this Ajax-Era.

Did’nt you take a look at Google? There are already Troika.ASP and Simple MVC ASP Framework why not to use them? Yes, it’s true there are good projects online, actually I’ve based my own in some of the Rob Rohan one, like hijacking the Session scope into a Request scope. But this framework is entire built from the ground and the way it talks between the modules isn’t the same as in that one. Well, Troika.ASP is a very complete MVC Framework and it also comes with a lot of helpful classes. But it’s written in JScript and I just wanted to give the a good alternative to the people who like VBScript.

If you get interested, take a look it does not cost anything. I hope you like it.