Quick Highlight Mode - Screenshot

This plugin provides a faster and easier way to select the current document highlighting mode in gedit. Just press Ctrl+Shift+H, type the language and press Enter.

It's written in Python, so you don't have to compile anything or get any binary. The source is there for inspection and installation.


  • Fixed multiple gedit instances bug.
  • Fixed possible memory leaks (the old author doesn't like to set Objects to None???).
  • Removed unused libraries, which caused the plugin to stop working in the past.
  • Improved tasks modularization (populate, create menu, etc).
  • Structured the code to be PythonPluginHowTo compatible.


Just click here to get a zip package.


  1. Extract files to directory ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins
  2. Run gedit
  3. In gedit main menu go to: Edit -> Preferences
  4. In Preferences dialog go to Plugins tab
  5. Find Quick Highlight Mode in plugin list and check it


Quick Highlight Mode was originally developed by Nando Vieira but since he left this project development leaving some unfixed bugs, it has been touched by Fabio Zendhi Nagao.

A case of love

I've always loved Notepad like editors for programming and now it has been a while since I started using gedit as my standard editor. Gedit is über simple, fast and easy to use, plus, and the most important, it features a flexible plugin system which can be used to dynamically add new advanced features to the editor itself.

Currently, there are a ton of good plugins available to increase the user experience with the editor. But the ones I currently like are:

  • Edit Shortcuts
    Enables user to assign the shortcuts by his own taste. more info

  • Find in Documents
    Adds a side panel that allows you to search all open documents for a string. get it

  • Multi Edit
    Allows you to have multiple text cursors so that you can simultaneously edit different parts of a document as you type. more info

  • Quick Highlight Mode
    This page one.

  • RegEx Replace
    Search and replace in documents using regular expressions. get it

  • Snap Open
    A regex open file dialog that resembles that of Textmate. more info

  • Symbol Browser
    A tree-view style, ctags based symbol browser which lists functions, classes, variables, etc. in the left pane. more info

  • To do
    Gedit version for the ToDo List Textmate bundle. more info

  • The built-in and the ones in gedit-plugins package
    What could I say? They are just a must have.